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Wayk Now 2020 2.1.0

Download/Usage Note
For personal use only (a license is required for commercial use).
Whats New (version 2020 2.1.0)


- Add Wayk Den enrolment token support


- Add macOS active session floating widget tool

- Add missing authentication type selection in macOS client options

- Add network change detection to embedded server on Windows

- Add setting to specify a maximum server frame rate

- Add settings to request a specific desktop size with virtual sessions

- Improve clipboard reliability in desktop clients

- Improve UI of macOS options window


- Fix an issue that could cause corruption in large file transfers

- Fix an issue that may prevent displaying custom icons from .zip white label archives on Windows

- Fix an issue where it may not be possible to navigate to transferred files in the Linux client

- Fix an issue where the Windows installer may recreate deleted shortcuts when upgrading

- Fix auto launch at logon behaviour in Windows client

- Fix scaling of client banner with white label resources in client-only or server-only mode

Full Details
App NameWayk Now
Publisher web sitehttps://www.devolutions.net
Release DateMarch 29, 2018
Last Update On2020/07/23
Version2020 2.1.0
File Namewayknow.exe
File Size2.02MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
CategoryNetworking Software
SubcategoryRemote Access
Total Downloads148
Downloads Last 7 Days3
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

Wayk Now lets you take control of a remote computer, or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. Wayk Now is free for personal use and currently available on Windows, Max OS X and Linux.

Simple & Secure
Simplify and secure your remote support procedures with fast deployment and an easy-to-use interface.

Remote Execution
Execute multiple types of commands and scripts on a remote computer such as batch script, PowerShell, and many more.

Concurrent Sessions
Easily manage multiple remote connections simultaneously while quickly navigating between them.

Enterprise Ready
Facilitate the troubleshooting and save time with enterprise features like unattended access, concurrent sessions & remote execution.

Remote Access Control
Manage and define access to certain resources shared by the server when someone connects.

File Transfer & Clipboard Sharing
Seamlessly send and receive files as well as copied clipboard data between all your devices.

Built-In Chat
Improve communication between you and the end-user with a convenient built-in chat window.

Provide support to devices using your favorite operating systems. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, all with the same rich feature set.

Easily install small downloadable package usable without installation or elevated permissions.

Secure Access
Communicate between devices using strong TLS 1.2 encryption and certificate validation.

Unattended Access
Remotely access other devices running WaykNow without the end-user having to be present.

– Take control of a remote computer, or allow someone to take over and assist. – Strong TLS 1.2 encryption with certificate validation is used to secure all – Send or receive files of any size between different machines. – Overcomes common usability problems found in remote support and remote desktop scenarios. – Small downloadable package usable without installation or elevated permissions. – Copy and paste anything between local and remote applications, with elaborate