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Waterfox 2020.07.2


Based from Firefox structure

More ethical protection of privacy

Access internet faster

Sync accounts between platforms

Dependent on user contribution for further development

Requires a Waterfox Account for cross platform usage

Slow security updates

Too similar to Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR)

Whats New (version 2020.07.2)

- Fix issues with StartPage

- Performance improvements as Waterfox is now built with LTO

- Minimum requriements for macOS are now 10.10

- Added Yandex as search option

Full Details
App NameWaterfox (64-Bit)
Publisher web sitehttp://waterfoxproj.sourceforge.net
Release DateOctober 15, 2019
Last Update On2020/08/14
File NameWaterfox Classic 2019.10 Setup.exe
File Size72.56MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
SubcategoryWeb Browsers
Total Downloads176258
Downloads Last 7 Days39
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

Waterfox is a browser created for users who are very keen on security online. they will also sync in their devices to their computer for single access while being ensured with tight security. The software complies with the GNU General Public License (GPL) where it aims for more ethical internet usage and more powerful functionalities.
Waterfox version of Firefox. The Firefox ASCII text file is taken and compiled to run specifically for 64-Bit Windows computers. to create Waterfox stand out a touch more, it’s compiled with optimizations in order that it’ll run more efficiently and faster than simply compiling Firefox as a 64-Bit program. Waterfox was the primary community Firefox builds to release a 64-Bit version of Firefox 4 when it first came out.

Waterfox could be a 64-bit version of Firefox. The browser’s developers modified the Firefox ASCII text file specifically for machines running 64-bit versions of Windows. Software designed for 64-bit Windows editions can benefit of faster RAM and processing speeds and greater stability in 64-bit systems. Just converting Mozilla’s ASCII text file for 64-bit Windows doesn’t do enough to create Waterfox stand aside from Firefox and other Firefox-based Web browsers; other unique tweaks help it exploit the speed of 64-bit systems. because the Waterfox computing device states, speed is its mission.

Get more done
With quicker startups and fewer hang time! meaning windows and tabs load quicker for lightweight browsing that doesn’t hog your computer’s memory.

Get more privacy
To share or not share, that’s your call with the app’s more powerful Private Browsing feature. It automatically blocks trackers and ads that collect your information without permission.

Get more freedom
The tool is quite just a browser. It fights to guard your online privacy and keeps corporate powers under control. Browse independently with this app!

Users can install their favorite Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons and Extensions on the software. Since a number of the portions of this software are provided by Mozilla users and contributors, any add-ons or extensions are compatible and it’ll run normally. The software also supports Themes and Privacy Tools from Mozilla Firefox in order that Waterfox become more personalized and fits in step with personal preferences.

When we first opened Waterfox, it displayed our bookmarks and other personal data from Firefox. When it involves looks and extras, Waterfox doesn’t disappoint in an exceedingly side-by-side comparison with the newest Firefox release. Waterfox incorporates a family resemblance to other Mozilla-based browsers, with a navy blue Start button rather than Firefox’s orange. Otherwise, Waterfox looks and functions like Firefox, including its various customizable features and options. Our add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins worked in Waterfox, too, including Microsoft’s Office and Silverlight plug-ins. Waterfox also has regular updates.

We could tell with just some quick trips to familiar sites that Waterfox is fast, so we visited a number of our favourite browser speed test sites to work out how it stacks up against the competition, including Firefox and our current default, Chrome. For the foremost revealing results, we threw Peacekeeper’s HTML5 torture test at each, pitting Waterfox against the site’s Chrome benchmark and our own copy of Chrome.

Your favorite add-ons and extensions. Classic add-on archive coming soon
Customize your browser – Personalize software with everything from themes to privacy tools.
Browse faster – Start faster, tab hop quicker, get more done.
Sync between devices – Get your tabs, logins, and history on the go.
Tabs that travel – View open tabs on any device.
Balanced memory usage – Browse smoothly and leave many memory for your computer programs.
Better bookmarks – Quickly save and organize your favorite sites.
Ad tracker blocking – Private Browsing blocks ads with trackers.
More powerful Private Browsing – More protection than Incognito mode or InPrivate.
More private – It doesn’t sell access to your online data. Period.
No data collection – “We don’t have any need for your data, so you’ll be able to browse freely”.
Password Manager – Forget the reset. Save passwords and logins quickly.

This online benchmarking tool separates the smartphones from the gaming desktops with a series of increasingly grueling tests that took some 5 minutes to run through. Waterfox bested Firefox but not Chrome, both in speed and HTML5-rendering capability, though the results were close enough to form it a matter of choice. Raw speed tests with CNET’s Bandwidth Meter produced much closer results. Chrome held a uniform edge, but Waterfox is fast, too. Subjectively, it “feels” fast, which could be the benefits of 64-bit operation. In any case, we like Waterfox plenty. If you favor Firefox but run 64-bit Windows, give Waterfox a try.