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WampServer 3.2.3


You have a massive amount of control via the WAMPServer software functionalities

Tune your server without touching your setting files

A playground for app developers

Non-app developers will have no idea what this is or what it does

There are no technical manuals to explain the installation in detail

They do not explain why it is free and/or why they do not ask for payment at any point

Whats New (version 3.2.3)

Version 3.2.0 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Full Details
App NameWampServer
SloganCreate Web applications and manage your server and databases
PublisherRomain Bourdon
Publisher web sitehttps://sourceforge.net/projects/wampserver/
Release DateApril 15, 2020
Update Last 6 Month1 time(s)
Last Update On2020/08/08
File Namewampserver3.2.0_x64.exe
File Size517.82MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 7/8/10
CategoryDeveloper Tools
SubcategoryWeb Development Software
VirusTotal FlagsNone
VirusTotal Scan LinkCheck Scan
Total Downloads770371
Downloads Last 7 Days43
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

The WAMPServer software is very small and very easy to install. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP, and the MySQL database. It also comes with phpMyAdmin to easily manage your databases. The app is the only packaged solution that will allow you to reproduce your production server. Once you have it installed on your computer you may access the development environment and start creating web apps in a safe place. The environment was created for app developers and there is forum for any questions.
WampServer is a utility designed to allows you to create Web applications and manage your server and databases. WampServer is a Windows web development environment.
It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to easily manage your databases. WampServer installs automatically (installer), and its usage is very intuitive. You will be able to tune your server without even touching the setting files. WampServer is the only packaged solution that will allow you to reproduce your production server. Once WampServer is installed, you have the possibility to add as many Apache, MySQL, and PHP releases as you want. WampServer also has a tray icon to manage your server and its settings.
WampServer installs automatically all you need to start developing web applications and is very intuitive to use. You will be able to tune your server without even touching the setting files.
The WAMPServer program will download and install on your computer automatically if you let it. Once it is installed you may access the app development environment. You may create a sub directory in www and add your PHP files into it. The software allows you to manage your MySQL services and Apache services. You may give everybody access to your environment or you may restrict it to a local host.

  • Double click on the downloaded file and just follow the instructions. Everything is automatic. The tool package is delivered with the latest releases of Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Once WampServer 64-bit is installed, you can add other releases by downloading them on this website. They will then appear in the app menu and you will be able to switch releases with a simple click. Download Wamp Server Offline Installer Setup 64bit for Windows PC!
  • Each release of Apache, MySQL, and PHP has its own settings and its own files (datas for MySQL).