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Open source and customizable: Because Thunderbird is developed by Mozilla, the group behind Firefox, it is more customizable than Outlook, a closed tool developed by Microsoft. At the same time, it offers all of the basics you need right out of the box, so you don't have to worry about highly complicated technical setup if you're not comfortable working in the trenches of a software tool.

Free to use

Handles virtual identities

Lots of extensions

Easy to import contacts and mails

Support for Microsoft Exchange

Good learning spam filter

Strong encryption and support for certificates

Smarter organization: Thunderbird features a range of tools to make organizing your email as easy as possible. Including tabbed email browsing, smart searches, and custom folders to organize your messages, along with powerful spam filters that are better than a lot of Web-based tools, Thunderbird works well with most email services.

Desktop limitations: Because Thunderbird is a desktop tool for Windows, it doesn't synchronize directly with a mobile device natively. Yes you can set up a POP3 inbox so that all edits in Thunderbird appear at the server level, but it's an extra step that is required with tools like this. It's not unique, and the speed and flexibility of the software makes it a small complaint, but it's something to keep in mind if you compute on your tablet nearly as much as your desktop.

Conversation style message view feature has to be downloaded seperately

Calendar needs to be downloaded seperately

Whats New (version 78.1.1)


- Building OpenPGP shared library linked to system libraries now supported

- MailExtension errors now shown in Developer Tools console by default

- MailExtensions: Dynamic registration of calendar providers now supported


- OpenPGP improvements

- Message preview was sometimes blank after upgrading from Thunderbird 68

- Email addresses whitelisted for remote content not displayed in preferences

- Importing data from Seamonkey did not work

- Renaming a mail list did not update the side bar

- MailExtensions: messenger.* namespace was undefined

Known Issues:

- Mail header toolbar (Reply, Forward, Archive, Junk buttons) no longer configurable

- Fixed width font not working in compose window

Full Details
App NameThunderbird
SloganTake advantage of best-adapted, highly customizable, lightning-fast, safely secured, and private email experience
Publisher web site
Release DateJuly 31, 2020
Update Last 6 Month6 time(s)
Last Update On2020/08/07
File NameThunderbird Setup 78.1.0.exe
File Size48.83MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 7/8/10/8.1
SubcategoryE-mail Software
VirusTotal FlagsNone
VirusTotal Scan LinkCheck Scan
Total Downloads2052961
Downloads Last 7 Days44
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

Overall, Thunderbird is an excellent free alternative to Microsoft Outlook That makes e-mailing safer, faster, and easier with such features as intelligent spam filters, a built-in RSS reader, and quick search. Thunderbird was designed to prevent viruses and to stop junk mail.  Thunderbird has a junk mail tools have been updated to stay ahead of spam and features Phishing protection. Thunderbird 64 bit is a free email application for PC that’s easy to set up and customize. Thunderbird includes tabbed e-mail, new search tools and indexing, smart folders, support for Firefox’s Personas, a simplified setup wizard, and robust junk protections that include phishing and spam filters. Thunderbird has a junk mail tools have been updated to stay ahead of spam and features Phishing protection.

New in Thunderbird:

Easier to Get Started
Under the Help Menu, you can find the Migration Assistant to help you set up the software the way you want it. Prior to this feature you had to know your IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings. One-click Address Book is a quick and easy way to add people to your address book.

Secure and Protect Your Email
The app’s popular junk mail tools have been updated to stay ahead of spam. Mail client offers support for user privacy and remote image protection.

Tabs and Search
If you like Firefox‘s tabbed browsing, you’re going to love tabbed email. The search interface in the software contains filtering and timeline tools to pinpoint the exact email you’re looking for.

Customize Your Email Experience
With Personas, lightweight “skins” allow you to change the look and feel of the program in an instant. Find and install add-ons directly in the app.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email program that offers a range of options for PC users without access to robust paid software like Microsoft Outlook. Allowing you to integrate multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols, Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive piece of software that works well.

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird is painless. You can quickly import your mail and contacts from your Outlook or Mail account and set up POP3, IMAP or SMTP accounts in a flash. To stay well organized, Mozilla Thunderbird offers filters to deliver your mail into separate folders and inboxes. And of course, there’s a built-in spell checker to make sure that your mails are professionally crafted.

Searching your mail

The search tool in Thunderbird is excellent and searches happen in real time as you type. Search results are displayed in a separate tab. Tabs in general are a very big part of Thunderbird and like Firefox, you can have multiple messages open in separate tabs. This is a fantastic feature of Thunderbird although does tempt you to have too many mails open at once. Archiving is also another handy feature for those that don’t want to delete messages but want to clear space in their inbox.

Finally If you don’t like using relatively limited Web-based email tools, or if you’d like to further customize your browsing and organizational experience, Thunderbird is a must download. It’s free, it has a number of available plug-ins and updates, and it’s a perfect fit for almost anyone with multiple email accounts to manage.One of the biggest selling points of Mozilla Thunderbird is that it offers Microsoft Exchange support, meaning it will appeal to Office users who previously discounted it.