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Limited functionality in demo version.


Very fluid mapping

Intuitively designed

Allows uploading of content

Only exports in HTML

Can be slow and unresponsive

Whats New (version

New Features:

- Spanish Localization


- Localization cleanup

Full Details
App NameTheBrain
PublisherTheBrain Technologies
Publisher web site
Release DateNovember 20, 2013
Last Update On2020/08/08
File NameTheBrain_windows_8_0_0_4.exe
File Size28.55MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
CategoryProductivity Software
SubcategoryBrainstorming and Mind-Mapping Software
Total Downloads66884
Downloads Last 7 Days1
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree to try
Limitations30-day trial

On the whole, TheBrain is a very flexible mind mapping program which lets you write down and connect your thoughts very easily. With TheBrain, organize ideas, projects, contacts, files, and Web pages associatively to capture your thinking and perspective. Use your Brain for business projects or as an “everything in your life manger” so you can get the big picture on all your information and drill down to the right file or detail within seconds.Organize Web pages, notes, and documents the way you think in a visual map. This software boosts productivity with BrainBox for quick ad hoc knowledge capture. New semantic tagging tools enable advanced information categorization and discovery.


Find anything instantly
Activate any idea or file in seconds. This program not only brings up the right idea but lets you see how it relates to everything else… so you are prepared for anything.

Powerful file management
Move beyond linear file folder hierarchies and organize files the way you think – under multiple categories or projects. Anything can be linked to anything else. Track and save multiple versions, add notes and tag documents with priorities. Even integrate Outlook, Apple Mail, or webmail messages for a complete view of your projects.

See and do more with digital thinking
Where can you really go on your computer today to hash out a new idea, current event, or expand your plans in a meaningful way? This program lets you digitize your mind so you can literally see your thinking and refine your ideas.

Integrate all your information in one place
Your Brain can store an unlimited amount of all kinds of information. Write notes for all your ideas. Save files, web pages, images and even emails into the tool for instant access.

Access all your stuff anywhere
Your digital Brain works across multiple platforms and computers and can be synchronized across multiple machines. Access your Brain from the desktop software, a Web browser, or even your mobile device.

Get the big picture on your information
The Brain lets you see how your ideas and information are related. Use powerful visualization to discover information that would normally be overlooked, make connections and gain new understanding of your projects and content.

See key relationships and ideas at glance. Map out your thinking and complex business processes. Visualize folder structures, business relationships, contacts and ideas. Navigate across all key topics and information within your Brain’s Thought network and connections. View your Brain online or from your desktop. Synchronize your ideas and information on multiple machines. Key features include expanded information views, easy drag and drop of files, folders, and WebPages, advanced search and editing features, secure Online backup of your Brain, and data synchronization.

Activate any idea or file in seconds. The software not only brings up the right idea but lets you see how it relates to everything else… so you are prepared for anything. This means you can shift contexts quickly and get an immediate visual briefing by viewing connected topics.