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Spark 2.9.0


Spark makes it easy to categorise specific emails based off of the subject or their importance

There is no charge to download this email package

There is no default format available when composing emails

Settings are imported across multiple devices so some features might not be appropriate for mobile phones

Whats New (version 2.9.0)


- Add Contact dialog requires at least 5 letters to find a contact

- History viewer adds spaces between messages when changing a view

- Shouldn't show a toast popup for a last message in history when joining a room

- Messages in MUC history are out of order

- PrivacyManager throws an exception

- Privacy plugin doesn't work

- View client version menu option doesn't show information

- Some vCard fields are empty when checking contact's profile

- Reversi and tic tac toe plugins failed to build

- Search doesn't work with AD integration

- Plugins not being extracted completely

- Errors are not (always) shown in one-on-one chat.

- Throws an exception when using custom emoticons set

- Contact list tooltip causes temporary freeze

- Not able to move or copy contacts when Rename contact is disabled

- Should allow profile changes when Avatar tab is disabled

- Process Data Forms with Bool fields that have no value.

- Fix logic error in UserSearchResult

- Shouldn't check for voice status

- Spark does not parse Java version string correctly.

- ROAR plugin should not depend on com.sun package

- Contact list does not show users that are not in a group

New Features:

- Add a GUI for managing TLS\SSL certificates

- Add option to disable invisible login and status via

- Add support for XEP-0198 Stream Management

- Make reconnection delay between attempts configurable

- Add option to disable Start a chat via Client Control

- Replace DummyTrustManager with complex trust manager

- Add a popup for accepting certificate from a connection

- Add an option to force IBB for file transfers

- Add support for Message Styling

- Add Http File Upload plugin

- Add initial documentation

- Hostname and Version as resource available in Client Control plugin


- Update bundled JRE with the latest version

- Remove & from Plugins menu translations

- Replace JxBrowser with anything else


- Stretch and move Find dialog

- Preferences, broadcast, profile windows should be saving their sizes and positions

- Spark should show a time stamp for every MUC message/activity

- Update JTattoo to the latest version

- ROAR should show MUC popups when window is not in focus

- Migrate Spark build from Ant to Maven

- Update Smack to 4.3 branch

- Add an option to disable Invisible presence

- Fix output of nicknames in Broadcast History

- Should resize large photo when applying as an avatar

- Spark history search should show context

- Spark history window should wrap text

- Spark should remove/overwrite old versions of libs during update

- Shouldn't show a toast popup for your own message in MUC

- Room password dialog should mask/hide the actual password

- Highlight searched keyword in the history search

- Various improvements to avatar management

- Transcript Window should be recomposable

- Replace (some) emojis with emoticons

- Remove green username colors from chat room

- Implement separate History settings in Client Control

- Improve rooms browser, dialogs and error messages

- Add an EditorConfig file

- Improve startup by disabling CPU-hungry themes

- Use a key-based lookup to find an emoticon

- Lazy load vcard data

- Non-UI processing should not occur on Event Queue dispatch thread

- Use unarchived emoticons packages in version control

- Security settings should go in dedicated tab

- Add visual hint for "not encrypted" connections

- Updated Lithuanian translation

- More descriptive error messages when login fails.

- Update Polish translation

- Update LittleLuck skin to 2.0.1

- Add support for TLS Mutual Authentication

- Remove PKI tab

- Add French spelling dictionary

- Rename 5223 port description

- Add (requires restart) to single click in system tray option

- Update Ukranian translation

- Don't require i18n source files to be encoded

- Improve on version detection

- Updated Brazilian Portguese translation

- Fix legacy links to

- Client Control: Save Password & Auto Login option should also hide in Preferences

- Schedule loadContactList() outside of sharedGroupLoader

- Replace deprecated Smack APIs

- Transfer Guard settings should be in Spark profile

- Add working with Spark source in VS Code guide

- Fix French translation

- Allow translations to be found when running from IDE

- ROAR setting changes should not require a restart

- ROAR should not offer 'system notification' if unsupported by OS

- Plugins should be runnable from IDE

- Update Bouncy Castle library to 1.66

- Guard against CVE-2020-10683 (dom4j reading external entities)

Full Details
App NameSpark
PublisherJive Software
Publisher web site
Release DateJuly 01, 2011
Last Update On2020/08/17
File Namespark_2_6_3.exe
File Size39.19MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Total Downloads66873
Downloads Last 7 Days14
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

Spark is a lovely, secure and fast IM client for local network communication, with extra tools that make it an excellent companion for your daily work on office. It features built-in support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security. It also offers an excellent end-user experience with features like in-line spell checking, group chat room bookmarks, and tabbed conversations.

Spark displays a nicely designed interface that creates it really pleasant to use. I especially just like the emoticons sets included within the program, furthermore because the usage of a code to tell apart between different statuses (online, away, busy then on). Spark also has some extra details that are hardly found in LAN clients, like avatar support, conference rooms, voice chat, spellcheck and even a special tool to capture anything on your screen and send it on to any contact.

Spark could be a full-featured instant messaging (IM) and groupchat client that uses the XMPP protocol. The Spark ASCII text file is governed by the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which may be found within the LICENSE.html come in this distribution. Spark also contains Open Source software from third-parties. Licensing terms for those components is specifically noted within the relevant source files.

This application utilises what’s called a tongue search. Queries like a reputation, a subject matter or maybe the primary letter of a word will pull up the foremost relevant results. Different email signatures and personalised calendar invites are two other features available within this standard package.