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Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) 1.9.7

Download/Usage Note
As of July 2006, Media Player Classic is no longer developed. Its feature-identical successor is Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.
Whats New (version 1.9.7)

  • Switched from mhook to MinHook since it's more actively maintained
  • Require a CPU processor with SSE2 instructions
  • Add context menu option to copy subtitle URL
  • Updated translations
  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.70.2
  • Updated Little CMS to v2.8 (d41071e)
  • Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.97
  • Updated ZenLib to v0.4.35
  • Updated Unrar to v5.5.6
  • Scale MediaInfo properties tab text properly on high DPI


- Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-64-g5162c


- Improved drag&drop to better handle subtitle files


- Fixed seeking in WebM files that only have audio cue points and no video cue points

- Fixed wrong parsing of timestamps in certain WebVTT subtitle files

- Several other small (crash) fixes

Full Details
App NameMedia Player Classic Home Cinema
SloganPlay various types of media content with a robust and optimized player
PublisherMedia Player Classic - Homecinema
Publisher web site
Release DateJuly 16, 2017
Last Update On2020/08/08
File NameMPC-HC.1.7.13.x86.exe
File Size12.71MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows Vista/7/8/10/XP SP3
CategoryVideo Software
SubcategoryVideo Players
VirusTotal FlagsNone
VirusTotal Scan LinkCheck Scan
Total Downloads3110150
Downloads Last 7 Days777
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a light-weight media player for Windows. It has built-in codecs for MPEG-2 video and codecs for LPCM, MP2, AC3, and DTS audio, and also contains an improved MPEG splitter that supports playback of VCDs and SVCDs using its VCD, SVCD, or XCD Reader. An AAC decoding filter makes MPC suitable for AAC playback in MP4. It looks just like Windows Media Player v6.4, but has many additional features. You can use the player as a Media Player Classic Home Theater.

Media Player Classic is one of the simplest and easiest-to-use media players available online. With support for a wide range of file formats, this free media player runs well on older as well as newer Windows operating systems. Designed on the foundation of Windows Media Player, this tool has a simple and clean interface.


  • Option to remove Tearing.
  • Remote control for Android devices.
  • Better support for Windows Vista, including a release for 64 bits platform.
  • Support for EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)
  • Supports Subtitles.
  • OSD (On Screen Display)
  • Shuttle PN31 remote control support
  • Support Multi-Monitor configuration
  • Pixel shader to convert BT601 – BT701
  • YV12 Chroma Upsampling pixel shader
  • Language Translations.
  • All features from the Guliverkli MPC Project from Gabest.
  • Playback and recording of television if a supported TV tuner is installed.
  • Creation of minidump when MPC HC crashes.


Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a free utility that provides video playback. Since there are a lot of video players on the market, this is a tough area for apps to really stand out from the competition. With a few performance issues and some operational quirks, Media Player Classic Home Cinema didn’t come out at the top of the long list of similar programs.

interface and navigation

When you run Media Player Classic download for PC, it displays a familiar interface, which is quite easy to navigate. It’s a good way to make you feel adjusted with the new program. Each item can be dragged over the main window or goes through a dedicated menu in the form of individual files or a content directory.

customization options

When you download Media Player Classic, it can be customized in a lot of different ways, from the advanced options to common settings, such as ‘Command Line Switches’, ‘Renderer Settings’, and ‘Tweaks’. The program comes with a built-in ‘Shader Editor’, ‘Statistics’, ‘Presets’, and ‘Playlists’.

manage playlists

While Media Player Classic comes with a wide range of features, the ‘Playlist Manager’ is the most interesting. You can easily bring up the ‘manager’ to create a playlist with different selections, which can be loaded later.

wide range of formats.

One of the key benefits of Media Player Classic download for Windows is the support for a wide range of file formats. It can render nearly all media files, including MPG, AVI, SWF, and MOV. Moreover, the program offers support for several audio file formats, including MP3, FLAC, and OGG. Just sit back and enjoy your favorite multimedia files playing on a media player with classic interface.

The installation process is simple enough, although there’s about a half dozen screens to step through. Once installed, Media Player Classic Home Cinema launches quickly, although there’s no modification to the pop-up Explorer menu to launch a video clip with this tool except through “Open With.” A separate menu option would have been nice. The player’s interface is a little awkward. To open a file you don’t get a standard browser window, but a list of recently opened files in drop-down format along with a Browse button that then offers an Explorer window. By default the player always opens with the sound turned off, and an icon has to be clicked to activate audio. While it seems like a small issue, this isn’t the default with most players, and the extra step was a drawback. Playback was fine on most video files, but on larger files we did have a crash a few times. Another weird behavior is the Stop button, which resets to the beginning of the video instead of holding the current location like most players do. We had to get used to using the Pause button instead. Navigation back and forth in a video file also seemed slower than some competing products.

While Media Player Classic has been designed to play Blu-Rays, DVDs, and other media files, it can directly access files from a wide range of video-capture devices and several other sources. With the ‘Quick Open File’ option, you can browse and launch files quickly.

While we had only a few minor quibbles with Media Player Classic Home Cinema, the inconsistent crashing on larger files and those little quibbles quickly led us to uninstall the product and revert to the standard Windows offering. We’re not sure why you’d want to use Media Player Classic Home Cinema over other players on the market. There’s just not enough there to make this software stand out.