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Lots of online tutorials

Multitude of provided DLC topics

Empowers positive business performance

Enjoyable for the consumer and other users

Compatible with relevant platforms: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Watermark on free installation

Whats New (version

- Added the ability to add PowerPoint presentations as video source (ppt, pptx) (requires a locally installed copy of Microsoft office)

- Virtual Backgrounds: added the OpenVINO engine support (up to 2x performance increase on Intel CPUs and GPUs) and reduced flickering (model v1.5)

- Improved the crop functionality to support more video sources: Movie, Image, YouTube Link, Mobile Studio, Desktop Capture, Web source, RTMP Input, Game

- Improved performance when using multiple presets

- Added the ability to disable HTML notifications (paid feature)

- Added the Crop icon to the main panel

- Fixed an issue where ManyCam crashed during desktop capture after waking PC from sleep

- Fixed incorrect aspect ratio in some effects

- Fixed an issue where the Web Source module failed to install under Microsoft accounts containing non-Latin characters

- Fixed an issue where ManyCam overlapped other apps during App Window capture

- Fixed capture issues related to the Chromium-based version of Edge

- Fixed some crashes obtained by crash reports from our users

Full Details
App NameManyCam
SloganCombine multiple video sources and produce professional quality live videos
PublisherVisicom Media
Publisher web site
Release DateJune 10, 2020
Update Last 6 Month2 time(s)
Last Update On2020/08/11
File NameManyCamSetup.exe
File Size92.16MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 7/8/10
CategoryVideo Software
SubcategoryVideo Editing Software
VirusTotal FlagsNone
VirusTotal Scan LinkCheck Scan
Total Downloads26904046
Downloads Last 7 Days592
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

ManyCam is a free webcam software & screen recorder that allows you to enhance your live stream and video chat experiences. Easy-to-use, ManyCam allows users to add multiple video sources, like webcams, pre-recorded videos, smartphones, and tablets, to live streams and video calls. With ManyCam, you can stream to multiple platforms at once, add effects, record or share your screen and much more.ManyCam enhances your real-time video chat & broadcasting experience and turns your computer into a professional-quality live video production studio and switcher. Add amazing webcam effects & graphics to your videos and photos. Awesome webcam funny filters make you look even better on cam. Add crazy masks or facial effects using facial recognition technology. Developed and published by Visicom Media, ManyCam is available on operating systems: Windows and Mac. There is a mobile app that is accessible on Android and iOS devices. The webcam software is downloaded by healthcare professionals, video game streamers, online class teachers, YouTubers, etc.

used for

This video streaming software is ideal for people who create live streaming publications or post pre-recorded videos. Add up to 24 different video sources. ManyCam offers new features compared to the other platforms within the video call and chats market: picture-in-picture, screen sharing computer screens, and chroma key.

Several feature enhancements are included within ManyCam to produce a professional quality live video production. Connect desktop, smartphone, tablet and live stream to multiple social media platforms and streaming services simultaneously.


After downloading ManyCam, consumers will be prompted to either confirm an existing account login or sign into a new username and password. This step is not essential, and users can click the ‘X’ button to continue into the application.

Locate the icon bar underneath the login area in the upper right corner of the home screen. The first icon, the magic wand, will house the animated gifs, effects, objects, props, and 3D masks. Folders can be created within the panel. Next to the text ‘Effects’ click the folder icon with a plus sign inside; this will create a new folder. Name the article accordingly.

ManyCam’s features are:

3D Masks & Effects: Drag and drop images or animated GIFs to use on video calls and resize them live. Give some flair to your broadcasts with 3D masks that wrap around your face, objects, digital props, effects and filters.
Enhanced performance & speed: Get high-quality video with up to 4k resolution with smooth, sharp and clear images. Plus, a faster software with hardware acceleration.
Picture-in-Picture & Presets: Create multiple layers, add Pic-in-Pic windows, move each layer around and preview before showing it live. Add a PiP window to your screencast for more lively tutorials or demonstrations.
Multiple Video sources: Vary your video sources between webcams, smartphones, web sources, images, pre-recorded videos, computer screens & much more. Use ManyCam to talk to your friends and family on Skype, Google Hangouts & Yahoo Messenger at the same time. Stream directly from your desktop or your iOS/Android device on any streaming service such as Facebook, Youtube, Livestream.
Screencast: During a video conference or an online class, screencast your desktop live, add graphics overlays, lower thirds, write and draw on your screen.
Record: Prepare tutorials by recording videos on your desktop while using every feature ManyCam has to offer.
Media source switcher: Easily switch between different video, audio and image sources. Mix videos and add footage to create professional video transitions.
Game Streaming: Live stream or record your gameplay with the Game Source.
Chroma key: Remove your background and replace it with any image or video source during your video call.
Effects Panel: Create folders, move effects and objects around, to organize them. Change your voice, add cool graphics and lower third to your videos.
Modular UI: ManyCam’s UI is intuitive and easy to use. It allows broadcasters to use all their favorite tools quicker by customizing their UI. Perfect for beginners and pros.
Settings: Choose the resolution, fps, and bitrate to get the best results or automate the process. Tweak the brightness, contrast, and color of your image to create amazing live videos.

The ManyCam developers offer a free and paid version of the software to deliver opportunities to safely connect and improve careers. With the surge in online professions, this program started at the right time to enhance peoples’ crafts with better quality resolutions, unique uploaded effects, etc.

ManyCam provide solution for video chatters, gamers, broadcasters and professionals.
*During a video conferencing, screencast your desktop live with ManyCam.
*Prepare a tutorial by recording a video of your desktop and by saving it to your computer.
* Live stream or capture and record your gameplay with the Game Video Source.
*While video chatting, get creative and have fun by adding custom objects, face accessories and backgrounds to your video window

More Highlights

Picture in Picture
Picture in Picture is a video effect where one image or video source is on full screen mode while other videos or images are displayed on one or multiple smaller window. This means that you can screencast your desktop for example, while you narrate your actions in a smaller window.

Green Screen
The tool Green Screen or Chroma key feature allows you to remove your real background from your video stream and replace it with an image, video or any other supported video source so that you can appear to be anywhere. Choose between a plain colored background, or upload any image or video of your choice.

Lower Third
A lower third is a text graphic overlay on the lower third part of the screen. It is usually used to add titles or captions, for instance, your name and title, your company’s name, your website’s domain, or any other information you want to highlight.

At home or on the move, feel more connected to your loved ones and share great moments as they happen. Use your mobile phone as a video source with the app’s Mobile source app.

For the professionals out there, who want to be more productive and work faster, the app created the customizable hotkeys feature. The hotkeys allow you to activate different features and tools, even when the tool is running in the background of your live stream or video chat.

The Toolbar
This is where all of your favorite features are going to live, everything will be just one click away with this new design.

Everyone knows you all love different tools within each feature, so the new UI is completely modular

Add 3D Masks, Effects And Graphics
Get creative and have fun! Use or create your own custom objects, face accessories, backgrounds and add them to your video window. You can even publish your custom effects to the library or download them straight to your computer.

Use Multiple Video Sources
The program allows you to quickly switch between up to 12 videos, audio, and image sources. Use the pull-down menu in the source window to add another camera, a still image, a photo snapshot, a pre-recorded video, or your desktop as your video source. Choose to cut or slowly transition between different sources.

Screencast Your Desktop
A screencast is a recorded video of the actions you take on your computer screen. Record a video of your desktop and save it to your computer, or decide to screencast your desktop live while using the app. You can also use this tool as your video source on YouTube to record videos of your desktop.

YouTube Integration
Stream and broadcast videos from YouTube using the YouTube video source. Simply use the pull-down menu and select ‘YouTube URL’ from the drop-down menu.

Broadcast To Multiple Channels
The product lets you use your webcam with different applications simultaneously. Use this app to talk to your friends and family on Skype, Google Hangouts and Yahoo Messenger at the same time, or use it to live stream on different websites at once.

Draw and Text
Use our built-in image editing software to draw over or add text to your live video broadcast. Draw over your video while on Skype, YouTube, or any other video software. Just add the program as your video source for any app!

Create playlists and air them on live streaming websites, or during conference calls. Set up pre-scheduled multimedia presentations and let them play at the pace you set.

The RTMP feature allows you to broadcast directly on Twitch, USTREAM and YouTube live events.

IP Camera
With the software, set up and monitor your video system easily.

Motion Detection
Use the program for motion detection and be informed by email when motions are detected. You can use it with your IP cameras to enhance your security system solution.