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ICQ 10.0 Build 41458


Easy, quick installation

Nice interface design

Loads of smileys, animations and other eye-candy

Text and video chats

Integration with social networks

Video chat is not embedded in the conversation window

Social networks must be configured on the program's website

No innovation over other IM apps

Whats New (version 10.0 Build 41458)

Version 10.0.39237 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Full Details
App NameICQ
Publisher web sitehttp://www.icq.com/
Release DateJanuary 24, 2020
Last Update On2020/08/08
Version10.0 Build 41458
File Nameicqsetup.exe
File Size52.14MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Total Downloads167493977
Downloads Last 7 Days6
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

ICQ keeps working on new versions to measure up to its main competitors but fails to really offer any new functions. Chat with Facebook friends: Add your Facebook friends to your contact list and chat with them while their online in Facebook directly from your ICQ. Get social: Get updates from social networks and chat with Facebook friends directly from your ICQ. Express yourself: Update your status and share your favorite links and images through the new ICQ status box. Share pictures: Pictures of yourself and others with the new ICQ picture sharing tool.

Keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Get ICQ with free messaging, free video and voice calls, low-cost phone calls and fun stickers. ICQ brings you new features and updates to enhance your communication experience:

ICQ New is the evolution of communications.

  • Voice messages recognition
  • Smart Reply
  • Group calls up to 30 members

This venerable chat client upgrades with a retooled look and enough Preference control to satisfy even the most obsessive fans of customization. ICQ 6.5 includes video, audio, and text chat modes in a strong push to make the app the most versatile chat client around.

The most outstanding characteristic in this new ICQ is undoubtedly its integration with social networks. You’ll find a tab devoted to notifications from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, which enable you to track your friend’s activities at all times. Oddly enough, you’ll have to set these services up from the ICQ website.

Audio chatting was smooth and painless, although that depends on user connection, of course. There’s also a new Quick IM feature that allows you to send a text chat from within your contact list. The text window is only one line high, but perfectly sized if you’re just shooting off a quick note.


File sharing
Send any type of files to your contacts, right from your chat window. Sharing photos, videos, audio files and any other documents in the tool is fast and easy.

Social networks
Connect the software with your social network accounts and chat with all of your friends in one app. Messaging is so much easier with the app.

Bright and colorful stickers
Chatting is more fun with the app stickers.

Free voice & video calls
Unlimited calling is just a few clicks away! With free voice calls and video chat in the tool you can catch up and wave hello anytime and anywhere.

Variety of themes
Customize your ICQ! Choose from the wide variety of themes and background colors. Bright, colorful or minimalistic – the program comes with themes for every mood.

Many of the notable plug-ins have been folded into the new version as standard features. Standard fare in ICQ now includes SMS messaging and the Flash-movie tZers as well as alerts and skins. Consequentially, the quick-loading app has a larger footprint. Ad banners are nonexistent except in the built-in games, and all text chat histories are automatically saved. Some features, like Push2Talk, seem to have been phased out of the new version, and customizing tZers is no longer an option. Also, the Help option is non-functional in this release.

ICQ 7 has a quick, painless installation process that hardly takes a couple of minutes and enables you to import contacts from other online services such as Facebook, Gmail and Windows Live, among others. Once installed on your system, the program plays its characteristic siren and launches, displaying a colorful, customizable interface – with the omnipresent banner at the bottom, of course.

Despite a few minor setbacks, there are too many improvements to keep ICQ down. Other notable additions include split-screen compatibility, IM forwarding, and integrated Google searching. In enhancing its already rich feature set, ICQ has definitely increased its standing among its many competitors.