GitHub Desktop 3.3.4

Download/Usage Note
The Download Now link will download a small installer file to your desktop. Remain online and double-click the installer to proceed with the actual download.


Vast community of creators, developers and professionals together with massive repositories of existing code to draw on

Slick computer programme provide quick access to any or all of GitHub's libraries, forums and your own projects

Versioning and repository controls ensure that you simply can monitor changes, review the foremost current versions and confirm that you just create that completely working code

Filled with official and validated Microsoft scripting solutions

No tutorial

Exclusive to Microsoft

Whats New (version 3.3.4)


- Suggest to stash changes when trying to do an operation that requires a clean working directory

- Autocomplete users and issues from upstream repository when working in a fork

- Add Alacritty shell support


- Correct branch name in commit button when on an unborn branch

- Fix "Show in Explorer" in Windows when there are other files with the same name as the project folder

- Open the repository folder when clicking on "Show in Finder" in macOS

- Don't expand paths in the PATH environment variable during installation

- Prevent multiple search inputs from appearing in diffs

- Unable to toggle lines for partial commit of very large text files

- Fix BBEdit integration

- Fix VoiceOver navigation to re-enter application content in macOS

- Repositories with historical commits containing filenames with backslashes can now be cloned on Windows

- Valid gitignore files are now created for new Clojure, Fortran and Kotlin repositories in Windows


- Enable discarding submodule working directory changes

- Surface progress estimation when cloning LFS repositories

- Performance and accuracy improvement when autocompleting issues and users

- Show only one error dialog when dragging multiple invalid folders to Desktop

- Pull request list is now keyboard accessible

- On Windows the Home and End keys can now be used to navigate lists

- Show progress spinner while waiting for a removed repository to get moved to trash (Windows)

- Dialogs now clear filter text boxes on Escape and closes on double Escape

- Display the selected changes count in the changes list header tooltip

Full Details
App NameGitHub Desktop
Publisher web site
Release DateApril 05, 2017
Last Update On2020/09/02
File NameGitHubSetup.exe
File Size663.49KB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 7/8/10
CategoryDeveloper Tools
SubcategorySpecialized Tools
Total Downloads949
Downloads Last 7 Days3
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

GitHub for Windows allows for simple access to the large and dynamic development environment that is GitHub. One part forum and one part collaborative work space, GitHub is that the current and modern way for Microsoft to distribute code and facilitate the creation of scrips and code for his or her products. If you’re a developer, then this can be a requirement have free application.


-Start a project
-Branch off
-Craft the proper commit
-Synchronize branches
-Clone repositories in one click
-Powerfully simple branching

GitHub, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that gives hosting for software development and version control using Git. It offers the distributed version control and ASCII text file management functionality of Git, plus its own features.

The main reason to use GitHub for Windows is to have everything altogether in one place. it also gives code designers and reviews a host of tools to work on and improve code projects that are hosted on GitHub.

GitHub could be a development platform inspired by the way you’re employed. From open source to business, you’ll be able to host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside variant other developers. GitHub Desktop could be a seamless thanks to contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.