FireAlpaca 2.3.9


Support for layers

Easy to navigate

Lots of special effects and filters

Ads that open at program launch are annoying

Still a little buggy

Whats New (version 2.3.9)

- Improved drawing quality of bitmap brushes

- When adding a brush script, get the brush name from the default_name function (if it doesn't exist, it will be the file name)

Full Details
App NameFireAlpaca
Publisher web site
Release DateAugust 07, 2013
Last Update On2020/08/30
File NameFireAlpaca_setup.exe
File Size9.09MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10
CategoryDigital Photo Software
SubcategoryPhoto Editors
Total Downloads22798
Downloads Last 7 Days7
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

For a free alternative to Photoshop that enables you to edit and customize digital images with ease, FireAlpaca may be a solid option. Fire Alpaca is the free paint tool that is on the market in 10 languages and compatible with both Mac and Windows. Simple tools and controls allow you to draw an illustration easily.
FireAlpaca is a picture editor that may be used readily and simply for processing multiple layers or hand drawings. FireAlpaca will offer users the likelihood to manage several images at the identical time, using dedicated tabs.

FireAlpaca could be a free image editing and drawing tool that may hold its own against premium packages. It includes the essentials, like layers, multiple image capability, and versatile tools, and is nicely organized. it is not a match for Photoshop but doesn’t really try and be, neither is it optimized for digital snapshots. It’s compatible for freehand drawing, though, especially with a digital pen, due to some interesting features.

Key features

-Clear&Crisp Stroke! Watercolor too!
-Simple and Easy!
-Mac User Friendly too!
-Light Performance!
-Easy Concentration Lines and Perspective View!
-Easy Original Brush
-Comic Template
-3D Perspective

We fired up FireAlpaca and opened a stock image from our Pictures library. We performed a spread of operations on that, including cutting and pasting, drawing and shading, color changes, and merging layers. We could save our image as a JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, FireAlpaca document, and Photoshop document (PSD). the power to open and save PSD files adds significantly to FireAlpaca’s capabilities. FireAlpaca’s tools work well, and that we just like the Brush Control, Color Picker, and other tools displayed within the tools menu to the left of the most view, though a number of our favorites seem to be missing, like the smudge tool. But the pen, pencil, airbrush, eraser, selection, Magic Wand, eyedropper, hand, bucket, and other tools had familiar controls and functions. FireAlpaca worked well with our Wacom tablet, too.

FireAlpaca’s interface is straightforward to navigate and straightforward to use if you’re aware of photo editing in the least. If you are a beginner, it’d take a while to work out which features do what to your photos.