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Reduce eye strain

Several blue light filter colors and adjustable brightness

Break Reminder

Works with most computer screens

Temporary solution for alleviating eye strain

Too simple functionality

More features available when purchased

Users can opt for an alarm instead for physically resting

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App NameCareUEyes
Publisher web site
Release DateAugust 01, 2017
Last Update On2020/08/02
File NameCareUEyes_setup.exe
File Size1.07MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
CategoryUtilities & Operating Systems
SubcategorySystem Utilities
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CareUEyes is a simple way of keeping one’s vision in its optimal state by reducing the blue light from the computer monitor. Although it is still important to visit an optometrist to get help regarding poor vision.It provides three methods of reducing strain from long sessions on using computers. The first available option is Blue Light Filter. It automatically integrates a filter from the blue light that is emitting from the computer screen. The screen becomes look warmer than the usual, making it more comfortable for the eyes to see. Users will be less tired as they work and play for longer hours. There are several presets for the Blue Light Filter. Users can change the Blue Light Filter’s color temperature, as well as brightness. They can choose presets like game, night, normal, office and smart. The second available option is Screen Dimmer. This software controls the computer screen’s brightness.Remind yourself to take a break every one in a while and adjust the color temperature of your display to prevent eye strain, with this clever utility

It goes without saying that sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end is not good for your health, particularly for your eyes. Thankfully, there are quite a few applications out there that can help you out in this regard.

The CareUEyes focus window helps you stay focused, increases concentration, and easily read a text, tables, and spreadsheets on your computer screen. You can customize the focus window height, color, transparency…

CareUEyes is one of them, a dual-purpose program that can display break notifications at user-defined intervals and regulate the color temperature of your screen to make the light easier on the eyes.

8 pre-defined modes, choose your favorite mode as you like, you can also customize the color temperature and brightness of the screen.

Following the 20-20-20 rules to prevent eye strain, the Care U Eyes timer intelligently remind you to rest.

The ‘Focus’ feature allows you to customize the size and transparency of the reading area, which makes it easy to stay focused and improve productivity while reading.

It is very important to take regular breaks, and it’s not just your eyes that benefit from them. This application can ensure that you don’t forget to rest every now and again, by displaying desktop notifications for a specified amount of time.

The work and rest periods are fully customizable, and you also have the option of enabling a desktop timer that lets you keep track of how much time you have left until a break is due.

If you want to ensure that you don’t keep skipping breaks when you have a lot of work to do, you can enable the “Force rest” feature, which prevents you from using your PC until the break is over.

Adjust your monitor’s color temperature, protect your eyes and get better sleep

Reducing the amount of blue light generated by your display can make it easier to go to sleep at night, and this application comes with several presets that adjust both color temperature and brightness.

The Smart mode even permits the application to adjust the color temperature automatically based on the time of day, but it does not seem to be possible to customize the schedule.

In short, CareUEyes can help you stay healthy while using your computer, and it may very well increase your productivity too. It ensures that you take regular breaks while working, and it also enables you to customize your monitor’s color temperature to reduce the amount of blue light it generates.

program controls the brightness of the computer screen, when you work in a light or darker environment it can help you, It can dim all screens and monitors; LCD, TFT and LED backlit types, screen dimmer will not damage your screen or monitor in any way