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Easy to use and navigate

Set download preferences

Schedule downloads

Lightweight program

Limited search function

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Mute/unmute TronTV on minimize/restore

Fix rollout percentage calculation

Cleanup extra unchoke slot logic

Full Details
App NameBitTorrent
SloganSearch the Internet for torrent files, and download and upload files on a peer-to-peer network
Publisher web site
Release DateJanuary 17, 2020
Last Update On2020/08/15
File NameExternal File
File Size1.75MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8
CategoryInternet Software
SubcategoryP2P & File-Sharing Software
VirusTotal FlagsAlso available on Android and Mac
VirusTotal Scan LinkCheck Scan
Total Downloads24545979
Downloads Last 7 Days1664
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

BitTorrent could be a peer-to-peer protocol designed to transfer files. Users connect on to send and receive portions of a file, while a central tracker coordinates the action of all peers and manages different connections without knowledge of the contents of the files being distributed. it’s easy to use, the adverts aren’t too offputting, and you’ll be able to set it up to run just how you prefer it. the foremost appealing factor is how lightweight and undemanding the program is, which makes it a pleasure to use or leave running within the background.

BitTorrent’s software client allows you to quickly download high-quality digital content like video, music, and games. Available in over 20 languages, it leverages our community of over 70 million users to securely deliver files to your PC faster than the rest out there.

Features include detailed graphs and stats on the health of digital media files provide you a safer, more controlled downloading experience, local peer discovery and automatic port mapping increase file transfer speed without the requirement to reconfigure routers or other hardware, and dynamic bandwidth management allows you to download content without disrupting Web browsing, e-mail, or other applications.

Aside from being a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol, BitTorrent is additionally the name of the official software wont to connect with the BitTorrent network. BitTorrent hadn’t seen a significant update in about two years, but that was before it bought out uTorrent. Now, adopting its new sibling’s interface has completely reinvigorated the first BitTorrent client.

With BitTorrent, users upload at the identical time they download, so network bandwidth is managed as efficiently as possible. BitTorrent is intended to figure better than other file-transfer protocols because the number of individuals curious about a particular file increases.

Previously, BT had lacked features that other torrent innovators had hung out testing and investing in. Now, in one fell swoop, BT has access to everything it lacked. you’ll be able to pick which files in a very torrent you would like to download, throttle your Internet connection to fit your whims, work with the net UI and, basically, do everything that uTorrent can do.

There is a free version of BitTorrent, otherwise you can upgrade to the professional version for added features and no ads. The interface does contain adverts but is still easy to navigate. Users of Windows 10 can download this program, and have it set to run when your computer starts. The torrents are quick to start out downloading, and you’ll watch or listen because the file downloads.


Download torrents in bulk
BitTorrent Classic Free could be a bulk torrent downloader that helps you to download dozens of files simultaneously.

Prioritize for faster downloads
Downloading quite one torrent? Allocate more bandwidth to a selected torrent to download it faster.

Save network resources
Set download/upload speed limits to unencumber network resources for your other internet tasks.

Manage torrents remotely
Use the remote feature to feature torrents from BitTorrent Android or through a browser on any device.

Avoid slow downloads
Quickly check the health of a torrent’s swarm before starting and through a download.

Schedule for when it’s convenient
Use a scheduler to specify the days of day when to download or seed torrents.

Automate downloads with RSS
Set up RSS feeds to automatically download torrents from your favorite sites.

Download artist content
Visit to download many torrent files from new and emerging artists.

There’s an RSS tracker and search bar, rather like in uTorrent, but there’s where we encounter one key difference. Where uTorrent’s search takes you to the MiniNova torrent site, BitTorrent’s goes to, a pay-for-most-content site. There’s also a menu bar item within the BitTorrent client called Get Stuff, with links to Movies, TV, Music, and Games at the BitTorrent content site.

BitTorrent also enables you to share files, turning them into new torrents. after you select a file to download, you’ll have a choice of what you wish. There are checkboxes, and you can pick only the files you must download. for instance, if you’re downloading a movie using BitTorrent, you’ll choose just the most file and not the subtitles or the rest it’s bundled with.

Without a doubt, BitTorrent has taken drastic steps to reverse course and unsink its sinking ship. Although BT still eats more memory than its new sibling, it’s hogging significantly but before. The install file reflects the new code, shrinking from nearly 6MB for version 5 to but 1MB for version 6.

BT also comes with alittle piece of software called DNA. The BT site calls it protocol for “Delivery Network Acceleration,” but beyond a nebulous description, it’s hard to inform what exactly it does.