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Avira Free Security with Antivirus 15.0.2008.1920

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Detects viruses, adware, spyware & more

Repairs compromised files

Doesn’t slow down your PC

The free VPN service alone is enough reason to sign up

Its user interface keeps things very simple

It is very lightweight and will not slow your computer down

Blocks infected & phishing sites

Blocks all known ransomware

The paid version offers the best tools

Avira automatically signs you up for e-mail notifications by default, so make sure to tweak your account options

It is a the free version doesn’t block infected websites

Whats New (version 15.0.2008.1920)

New update may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Full Details
App NameAvira Free Security with Antivirus
SloganGet everything you need for a secure and fast digital life, free antivirus included
Publisher web sitehttps://www.avira.com
Release DateAugust 05, 2020
Update Last 6 Month5 time(s)
Last Update On2020/08/06
File NameExternal File
File Size4.14MB
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 7/8/10/8.1
CategorySecurity Software
SubcategoryInternet Security Software Suites
VirusTotal FlagsNone
VirusTotal Scan LinkCheck Scan
Total Downloads147438351
Downloads Last 7 Days268
PRICE And Limits
License ModelFree
LimitationsNot available

Avira Free Antivirus gives you both protection from viruses and malware, and it protects your privacy too. Protection from viruses and malware comes from their browser protection tools and from the ability to scan your computer for malicious content. It protects your anonymity by helping to remove spyware, and by giving you a free amount of VPN service every month. Next generation malware protection with a real-world detection score of 99.9%, the performance that won’t slow your system down, plus stunning simplicity and ease of use. It also repairs damaged files.

Key features:

System privacy
Startup optimizer
Software and Driver updater
Virtual Private Network (VPN) – 500 MB of data/month
Password Manager
Browser Safety
Battery saver
Duplicate file cleaner
Advanced customization options
Full virus scan
Quarantine and file repair
File shredder
Advanced Real-Time Protection
Browser Tracking Blocker
Website Safety Advisor
Cookie cleaner
Pushbutton convenience: Our Smart scan analyzes, secures, and optimizes your PC with 1 click.
Privacy by design: We don’t sell your data – we protect your online privacy.
High-performance: Lightweight and powerful, without holding you back.

If you have used anti-virus software in the past, then the Avira user interface will appear very intuitive. If you are new to this type of technology, then it is okay because the interface offers you very basic choices. If you wish to run a scan, then click on the “Quick Scan” or “Deep Scan” to pick the type of scan you desire. Move down, and you may set new browser settings and protective protocols to help make your web surfing a little safer.

The latest update to Avira Antivirus adds Online Essentials, Avira’s Web dashboard, a more approachable, more modern, and more encompassing way to manage security across your devices. While Avira Free Antivirus looks and runs the same as prior versions, the integration of Online Essentials redefines how you scan and protect your computers.

Other features:

Security benefits: Protects your PC from threats.
Avoid all online threats (ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, spyware, etc.) with our award-winning antivirus.
Identify outdated apps and patch vulnerabilities.
Repair or quarantine compromised files.

Privacy safeguards: Keeps what you do private.
Encrypt your communications and anonymize your web browsing.
Block phishing attempts, harmful websites, web trackers, and annoying ads
Create and use dynamic, unhackable passwords for all your accounts.
Securely erase sensitive data for good.
Wipe online traces and data left by browsers.
Prevent Windows apps from sharing your data.

Performance enhancements: Makes you faster.
Free up space on your PC.
Accelerate your system starts.
Prolong your battery’s life.
Update drivers to improve your hardware’s performance.

Performance:Avira ranks relatively high on the detection scale, scoring above the industry average in detection of malware from the AV-Test reference sets.

Design: Avira Antivirus’s design has started to reflect the Online Essentials dashboard, and the results look great. Design assets and direction, such as icons and avatars, are distinct, bright, fun, and — most importantly — consistent. The prominence of the new design will drastically reduce surprises and confusion when you switch between devices.

Basic UI: The old tweaks and settings are still there, but you probably messed with them just once a year, and then by accident. Now, Avira directs all management functions to the Online Essentials Web dashboard, greatly simplifying the primary user flow of running scans and managing devices.

Online Essentials: Avira Online Essentials is the new Web dashboard that makes managing Avira on your devices one consistent experience. Your novice friend might have trouble protecting their computer, but with Pilot, they might never have to.

There’s a lot to love about what Avira has done to its flagship product. Online Essentials shows that the free and premium versions of Avira’s Antivirus line are part of a greater vision of security management. That vision conceives device protection not as task but as a lifestyle, and encourages security management through leaps in improved usability. By combining Free Antivirus with the Online Essentials dashboard, Avira has transformed its app from a PC utility to a cross-platform security solution.Avira Antivirus now includes protection cloud technology Built upon the same award-winning technology found in premium products, It helps keep your PC malware-free while protecting your privacy.