Adobe FrameMaker

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Customized environments for simplified XML authoring

Improved support for inline MathML equations

Enhanced Quick Element toolbar

Faster EDD customization process

DITAVAL support in DITA-OT publishing

Improved white space handling as per XML standards

Comprehensive DTD support

XPath 2.0 support

XSLT 2.0 support

Publishing DITA maps to books

Smoother import of Microsoft Word files

Miniature Table of Contents (mini TOC)

Conditional table columns

Comprehensive DITA 1.2 support


Improved usability in tables

Automatic insertion of table continuation variables

Enhanced pod support

Smart filters in pods

Enhanced UI

DITA maps preview, including nested maps

Multiviews: native XML code, WYSIWYG, and Author view

Mobile app output

Personalized dynamic content

New HTML5 layout

Publishing to Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS)

Custom fonts in EPUB files

Attractive customizable WebHelp skins

Reference page image publishing

SVG support in HTML5 output

Reuse of Adobe RoboHelp style mappings

Reusable publishing elements

HTML page template support

DITA 1.3 support

Enhanced Structure view

Simplified XML authoring

Smart Paste

Enhanced visual conditional indicators

Conditional text at the book level

Integration with CMSs

Integration with DitaExchange CMS

Improved FrameMaker and Adobe Experience Manager connector

More out-of-the-box table styles

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App NameAdobe FrameMaker
PublisherAdobe Systems
Publisher web site
Release DateJanuary 25, 2009
Last Update On2020/07/27
File NameExternal File
File SizeNot Available
Main OSWindows
Compatible WithWindows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
CategoryDigital Photo Software
SubcategoryPhoto Sharing & Publishing
Total Downloads11567
Downloads Last 7 Days1
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License ModelFree to try
Limitations30-day trial

Adobe FrameMaker is an advanced document processor aimed to provide professional users with all the necessary tools for writing, editing and preparing for the publishing of large and complex documents, structured documents, and newspaper/magazine material.Adobe FrameMaker software is a powerful authoring and publishing solution for technical communicators. Easily write, review, and publish engaging technical documentation and structured content in XML and SGML using DITA 1.1 and DocBook. Take advantage of a modern user interface, unified workflows, and a template-based authoring environment to simplify content delivery and conform to organizational requirements for consistency and branding. FrameMaker 9 is an essential upgrade for existing FrameMaker users who want to efficiently publish complex, standards-compliant content for multiple uses and in multiple languages.

The core feature of Adobe FrameMaker is its ability to handle large structured documents that can adapt to the current needs of both the writers and readers and easily handle the deployment of incredibly large documents (for example technical manuals) in industries where a single document has to provide support to several very similar products (aerospace, pharmaceutical or engineering industries). The app hosts powerful metadata tools, direct XML/DITA integration and streamlined UI that can easily host both novices and professionals.